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Name:eridan ampora ♒
> Be the seadweller.

Your name is ERIDAN AMPORA.

Flowing through your veins is nearly the richest blood the hemospectrum has to offer, penultimate on the scale. As such, you are a SEA DWELLER, a sub-race of troll distinct from the commoners by mutation and habitat, a caste which rules over the entire species glub glub fuckin glub we know this shit already.

> Eridan: Tell us something we don't know.

You are currently STUCK ON AN ASTEROID. Just recently you have become a practioner of WHITE SCIENCE, which despite its similarities to MAGIC is wholly real and not the least bit fake. It bothers you that your quadrants are empty. As such, you may or may not have been trying to antagonize SOLLUX CAPTOR to the point where he would be pulled out of his quadrant with FEFERI so she could auspistice for the two of you.

To be PERFECTLY HONEST, you would also be fine with an outright kismesissitude.

> Eridan: No, seriously. Tell us something we don't know.

Formerly, it would have been very DISHONEST to say that anything had happened that was unknown to the READER. However, your WRITER has since decided that you do not have enough IRONS IN THE FIRE and so has sent you to two different places, and never mind the instant messager based roleplay shenanigans. This would all be SOMEWHAT CONFUSING if you were aware of this, but thankfully barring CERTAIN META INTERACTIONS you remain blissfully ignorant. Although perhaps you could liken it to the idea of DOOMED TIMELINE CLONES.

Thus far you are currently at an ASYLUM known as CARRIERO. You feel that your presence there is wholly UNNECESSARY and that you are perfectly SANE, yet regardless you find yourself there at the WHIMS OF YOUR WRITER. However, it is not ALL BAD, as you have managed to fill your ASHEN QUADRANT with KANAYA and ANDREA; the latter being this kind of weird human girl who CANNOT GET OVER the fact that you killed her ACCIDENTALLY and may possibly even feel a little GUILTY about it. (Your feelings for her unchecked would be vascilating between flushed and caliginous, however, since she CAN'T GET IT THROUGH HER HEAD that you have NO DESIRE to kill her [again], Kanaya has graciously agreed to MEDIATE. You are MORE THAN fine with this, because a quadrant is a quadrant.)

You are also aboard a SPACE STATION known as the SENBURU-TRATI'SALAN. And by space station you mean HUNK OF JUNK that makes the asteroid in the Veil look like a FIVE STAR RESORT. (You may be exaggerating a little.) Your QUADRANTS there are currently quite OPEN, but with a greater number of people there you are CONFIDENT you will fill them soon. Assuming everyone doesn't try to be your SURROGATE LUSUS instead. There are a lot of humans who seem to want to be lusus. You don't get it.

Finally there is the matter of HEADSPACE, but that would make this profile ENTIRELY TOO LONG. All that is really worth mentioning is that you have both a MOIRAIL and a KISMESIS, although neither of them seem to be the BEST POSSIBLE FILLS you could have. You, however, are NOT COMPLAINING. Though this does seem REMARKABLY SIMILAR to how your CANON LIFE was prior to SGRUB...

((ooc: Obviously, we are importing from LJ, because fuck that new unusable style shit.))
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